The High Resolution audio is the only growing segment in this divided and changing industry.  The way music is presented ( sold ) these days is changing in a speed we never would have thought of. This is a challenge and a "burden" for all  of us working in the industry who are delivering some kind of service to all  performing artists and their representing labels. Just as with our mastering, we try to deliver a personal and state of the art mastering quality for all who are working with us.


So we would love to work with you to take the next step in releasing your recordings & projects into this exciting high_resolution audio world. We can support you in re-mastering your older work or your latest projects tracked in high_resolution.


I  appreciate niche-markets and small passionate productions, where I can be a part of your process & team to get you that perfect sounding high resolution audio masters. Jazz, World Music, Classical, Acoustic, Soul, Funk, etc, etc. I love working on all kinds of project from all over this planet .. surprise me !


So if you are planning your next project or you're looking for a Mastering Studio , it could be wise to consider  that there is a growing demand by a group of listeners who are interested in the best possible sound & reject the current Mp3 and low_fi streaming services as final medium ! We don't believe high_res is the only format good enough for releasing , we're not fetish about numbers .. it's always the performance first PERIOD.


Streaming, You-tube they are all great platforms ... but high_res is just another GREAT SOUNDING platform ... not intended to be played on earplugs , but on great hifi systems all around this world. Please contact me, if you want to discuss the options & possibility's. I would enjoy working together and  making you a tailor made project setup & offer.


There are more and more record-labels / High Resolution Online Platforms offering on-line downloads in high_resolution. Especially in the more classic/jazz and world-music. It would be wise to consider to do your mastering in the highest possible resolution and to generate all other formats (incl. vinyl sources ) from there.


These are common current release formats , where vinyl and CD are the only physical formats.

Physical formats :

Vinyl & CD

low digital resolution :

Stereo 320Kpbs MP3

standard digital resolution :

Stereo 44.1 kHz - 16bits  ( wav/aiff/flac )

high_resolution :

Stereo 24bit 96kHz FLAC - 96.0 kHz / 24bit

Stereo 24bit 192kHz FLAC - 192.0 kHz / 24bit

Stereo DXD FLAC // 352.8 kHz / 24bit

Stereo DSD64 // 2.8 MHz / 1bit

Stereo DSD128 // 5.6 MHz / 1bit

Stereo DSD256// 11,2 MHz / 1bit


Re-mastering older releases even from cd formats, can be done. Main focus would be extreme cleaning, de_click checking and de_noising if needed, and after that we can master through our high_end analog setup. If the sound/projects benefits from a transfer to high_speed 1/2 inch tape at 30ips we also can do that.  Re-mastering can be ( will be )  a bit more complicated and includes some more steps, but we always work closely with you to get the best result in respect to the original release and your artistic intentions.


High Resolution Audio (DSD/DXD/PCM)

I still feel mastering is no gear magic, first of all it's listening to your mixes or album as it comes in.






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