Fresh perspective and objectivity,

Just as you I want this mastering to work out the BEST as possible. Tell me what you're looking for and let me know about your project and music. You might be looking for a cheap & good Job , or you might be looking for an ultimate mastering on your personal or label project.  Clients come in from all kinds of angels and some have bigger budgets available then others.  Like all I like to have some time to show my quality of work. I always try to work in a way where there's time for feedback and listening before/while mastering your album and music.


1 mix / 2 masters,

When mastering your mixes  I always deliver 2 versions in the initial first round/session, one more clean & one with more harmonics or some different EQ/COMP settings. This way I hope to show you some different sound-options on the same mix. The difference can be BIG, or can be very subtle. After that you can pick your favorite version and I will finish the master_pack.


Gear / Magic / Or Not,

I still feel mastering is no gear magic, first of all it's listening to your mixes or album as it comes in. The mixes should tell me the way the mastering is going, I appreciate specific info on the individual tracks if you have some specific concerns/notes what should be fixed or kept alive. It also could be that you are  100% okay with the mixes and just need that final touch up , level , euphoric enhancement or quality control.


Quality control and delivery,

Mastering is for sure not only about sound, I can do all technical stuff like making perfect controlled error free masterdisks, DDPi images, Mp3 tagging and specific medium mastering/delivery for Itunes, Vinyl or High Resolution releases/downloads. Denoise and De-clicking and quality control is never "really" heard but it's one of the main tasks a mastering engineer ( I ) will do for you.


Gear, Sonics and Experience,

Inlinemastering has the best high-end world standard digital and analog tube based gear available to work on your project. If you want the best result , the best gear is needed to get there ... no average stuff, I like to work with the best tools available. Clean pristine sounding masters, loud and clear or with full dynamics, or deep tape saturated analog harmonic sound .. I have been there before and I can get you there.


Help us out, for the best result,

When mastering single tracks and small releases, for the best result I like to get some reference track for balance and loudness reference. And if you have a own working master available, please send it as a package .. this always works out the best, and will give us the most time for listening and mastering your single or small release.


Feedback ,

Maybe one of the best things to do, is to come over and sit down here and work together on your project , have some coffee, conversation & laughs .. let's try to get it where it should go .. I can master into the perfect blue & just do what I feel is right , I love that also , but challenging me with your vision makes me stretch more and can take me somewhere I would not have gone alone  , I also need that kind of input to grow & learn.


Preproduction & take some time,

"pre"_production mastering can be just the ticket your music needs or what you want, setting up some different options in sound,  with or without tape and trying some different kind of EQ settings or dynamic range.  let's try to find the right sound for your tracks.  If you take some time & budget for this the result can be really thrilling and spot on.


Stem Mastering,

If you think STEM MASTERING is what you need, or are used to work with stems in a mastering session, please discuss this with me at the start of your project. For sure I prefer a stereo_mix, but there are situations were working with STEMS will benefit your project. Please keep it simple & always add the stereo_mix to the package you will upload to me. Check your stems if they'll line up ok in your DAW and make sure you did not mute any part/instrument.



I still feel mastering is no gear magic, first of all it's listening to your mixes or album as it comes in.






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