Going Vintage on Tape,

I love the digital age and I also deeply care for sound and tradition. Nothing more easy as digital files for sharing, distribution  and editing. But just sometimes I realize that  the sound which started this whole music & recording industry, was made on tape and brought to us pressed into Vinyl. You could say it's the origin/base of the sound of all current recorded modern music. Maybe it does not fit your project or the finesse in sound is not for you, but if your curious on what it can do for you, check out what I think Inlinemastering can do for you.


mix to tape & master from tape,

For sure mixing down to tape would be the best option to get that tape vibe, just make sure we can align your tapes properly (test_tones) and we can support your tape_speed. It would be wise to contact me before you start mixing and we can work out the tape details to ensure a perfect mastering session !


Mastering with Tape on the studer A80 1/2 inch,

when setting up your project for mastering I can do a test run to the studer to find if it really benefits the project.

I can do a master without and with the Tape so you can decide if you want your project run through the tape. Test runs can not go for free, it really takes time to do properly. Just as you I want this mastering to work out the BEST as possible .. so no rush, let's enjoy this.


Mix & Stem ( group),

Tape lay-back to studer A80 1/2 inch or 1/4 inch can be an affordable upgrade for your drum track/mix ... just a flat transfer of your track to the A80 and directly capturing back from the repro Head to digital.  Sample rates supported are 44.1 up to 384Khz & DSD256. In most cases a tape_transfer will not take much time, so we can get you going for a decent price, don't hesitate to contact me if you really want to get your drum bus going.


Vinyl mastering  vs. Mastering for digital,

Okay what's the difference between a vinyl master and a digital master ? there are a few different aspects, but what is most easy to check if you get back your vinyl masters from your label_mastering or private mastering_engineer and before you send them out to the vinyl_factory/cutter and they get mastered to go into vinyl ? Sometimes I'm shocked or at least surprised to see what kind of digital masters are sended of to the vinyl_factory to get processed on vinyl , is it ignorance ? or is everybody hooked onto the deadlines for pressing ( I know the wait is long ) Most and for all as a ME I'm on the artist side and I care about how your hard work will sound in the end .. on all platforms, if it's a physical copy or on a streaming service etc. etc. Don't rush your final stage, consult your ME before the damage is done, sometimes it could be wise to contact us even before your mixing stage or while your mixing .. Get a fresh opinion, or just that small tip, that will make you get a better sounding, less distortion, more clear etc. etc. release ...


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